Rummy Tips

Tips and Tricks to follow while Playing Rummy

Rummy is an exciting and skillful game ever! Want to be a clever gamer in Rummy? MastRummy – Your online rummy club has shared latest winning tips and tactics to beat your opponents easily. Get ready to hone your skills and win the game. Here is the list of useful tips which may flip everything in your favor:

Pure Sequence, it’s your first goal!

The pure sequence will be your lifesaver in Rummy game. It is the first and foremost point you need to focus on. If not, you have to bear all of the points equal to the totality of cards in your hand whenever your opponent declares show.

Be Aware of High Point Cards

Keep in mind! Remove high point cards (Ace, Queen, King, etc.) that have fewer chances of forming sequences/sets. This is because they increase your burden with more points when your opponent declares show.

Joker – It can twist your Game!

Don’t take Joker as a joke! Joker can turn your game and give you miraculous winning chances. Use them to the fullest. If you have already had a pure sequence, then use Joker to form the next. In case you already boast with two sequences, then make sequences/sets with high point cards.

Keen Eye on your Opponent

It’s not completely yours! It means, along with your game, you need to observe clearly the cards picked and discarded by your opponent. Try to avoid discarding a card that is close to what your opponent has picked.

Four – Card Sequence Works!

Most of the people think that they cannot have more than 3 cards sequence. But in real, you can create a sequence of 4 cards too.

Use Middle Cards Intelligently

Middle cards are awesome! Yes, you can form many combinations than high point cards. For example, if you have middle cards 5 & 6, then you can make sequences with 3, 4, 7, and 8.

Decrease Points

As it’s a game of points, you need to try to lessen your total points for each move. Make sure you discard high-value cards, which will reduce the huge point burden on you. It will also help you when your opponent wins the game.