Terms and Conditions

Using MastRummy website or any of the offered products and services that are provided on the MastRummy.com website or its associates, affiliates and partners are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

In this user agreement, usage of the terms such as “we” or “us” or “our” shall refer to MastRummy.com. The terms such as “you” or “your” or “player” or “user” shall refer to any individual who shall register for online games at MastRummy.com.


If you find any terms and conditions mentioned in “MastRummy.com” are identified to be either invalid or unenforceable for any reason, it will not affect the enforceability and validity of other mentioned terms and conditions.

If you do not wish to comply with the mentioned terms and conditions or any future changes in our terms, you shall discontinue the use of any of our offerings along with any services and features of our website.

You are advised to read the agreement carefully, understand and accept or agree to the terms and conditions given in this Agreement before you use our offerings on the website. You shall use our services only if you understood and agreed to accept our terms and conditions. You shall abide by our agreement when you opt to use our games. You agree that MastRummy reserves the right to make changes or modify the terms of this agreement at any time, with prior notice to your e-mail address given during registration. Such changes will include changes to our gaming rules. If you do not wish to accept with any of our changes in the agreement, you shall discontinue using our services with prior notification that you have deleted your account. If you continue to use our services post changes, then this leads to your acceptance of the changes mentioned in the agreement.

Description of Our Rummy Games Services

We provide our registered users to experience the fantastic opportunity to enjoy and play our online rummy games. We provide the games that enable the players to play the online games with multiplayer over the internet.

Our services are provided with the intention to facilitate you to play rummy for entertainment. Playing rummy is legally acceptable in India, except for Orissa and Assam. The company is not responsible for any act such as gambling or betting that takes place beyond our website.

The company is legally obliged to deduct service tax for chip based games, which shall vary from one chip game to another and from time to time. We shall deduct tax at source on winning in a single tournament or a single Points Rummy game for an amount more than Rs.10,000/-.

Eligibility to Play Rummy Games

We shall not target the players below 18 years of age, as anyone below age 18 years of age is prohibited from accessing the online rummy games. You shall understand that you are not allowed to assist anyone below 18 years of age to access the website through your account. If you encourage such unauthorized act, you shall be responsible for any outcome or damage caused. You shall understand that we reserve the right to request your address and identity proof in order to verify that any minor is not using MastRummy.com account. Apart from this, we have right to close your account for providing false identity information or false proof of age.

Creation of User Account and its Operation

You shall be allowed to access online rummy games by registering on www.MastRummy.com website. Once you accomplish registration process, you shall be continued with the creation of username and password. Further, for accessing online rummy games you are required to provide more personal information for verification of your account. You shall agree to provide additional documents for security purposes such as verification of personal identity or age proof. If you do not agree to provide the documents then we reserve the right to suspend your account and associated registration to play online rummy games.

Your Password; Your Responsibility

Users registered on our website are solely responsible that they do not share their passwords with anyone including family members or friends or any third-party. MastRummy.com is not responsible for any unauthentic login into your account using your password.

Technical Failures

MastRummy.com is not responsible for any disruptions in the services, damage or loss of information caused due to interruption of the services while accessing the website. These disruptions of services include disconnection in the internet services or software you used to use our services.


MastRummy.com does not make any warranty or representation or guarantee regarding the reliability of the content published on our website and our offerings. In short, content, information, the website, materials, products and services including without limitation, graphics, title, text, images, non-infringement and links are published without any warranty, whether expressed or implied in our website.

In addition, we reserve right to suspend your account or limit your access to any of our services, if we identify that you are responsible for any disruption of the services. MastRummy.com as a company is not answerable for any wins which have been happening due to the unfinished rummy chip tourneys software usage

We strictly prohibit the commercial use of our services or site. These online rummy games are used mainly for personal entertainment purpose. You shall use your account only to play games and shall not attempt to use it for any other purpose such as modification, manipulation, re-engineering or decoding our software. Registered users are strictly advised to perform every action only through MastRummy.com user interface.

Fair Play policy

We ensure fair play for all users accessing our services. We prevent users from doing any fraud in online rummy games played on MastRummy.com. In addition, we reserve the rights to monitor every action performed by the user including identity verification and deposits for safe and fair gaming. Users can play the game with the circle of their choice as a social game and not like a team effort. Breaching of our Fair Play Policy including using stolen identity or password or fraudulent deposits shall result in suspension of the user account by MastRummy.com against the registered user.

Fair Play Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

If any registered user is identified to deposit and withdraw without playing any considerable number of games leads to violation of our fair play deposit and withdrawal policy. If you are found to be continuously depositing and withdrawing a certain amount from or to a fraudulent account, then such activity leads to money laundering actions, which is strictly prohibited at MastRummy. Violation of such policy is subject to legal action from MastRummy.com and a penalty fee.

Breach and Consequences

If our registered user is determined to breach any terms laid in the agreement of MastRummy.com or any other user, then the company reserves the right to take any of the following actions:

Termination of our registered user account(s),

Report any illegal activity to the government agencies, payment gateways, and banks,

Rejecting you from accessing all our services or offerings,

Demand and recover for the damages caused due to breach of our Terms and Conditions,

The company shall take any of the above actions due to a violation of our terms and conditions and shall be imposed without prejudice on the registered user.

Governing law, dispute resolution, and jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall be governed, followed and interpreted by the laws of India.


The information published on our website including content and services belong to the company unless expressly provided. This website shall be used only for entertainment purpose and to play games rather than for commercial purpose. In addition, registered users using our services are not implied to provide you ownership of any intellectual property rights for the services that you are privileged to access.

MastRummy.com website may have the information about third-parties and also the hyperlinks that direct the user to the third-party website. We are not liable for the reliability of the information provided on the third-party websites. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the content belonging to such third-party websites.

Account Validation

MastRummy.com reserves the right to validate the personal information of a player provided at the time of registration. We shall validate the information from time to time either via phone call or email. If in any case, we do not get in touch with the player then we make several attempts to get in touch. But, if validation results to be unsuccessful even after several attempts then the account shall be suspended.

Voluntary Termination

You are allowed to terminate your account and stop accessing our services whenever you wish by sending an email to support@MastRummy.com. In addition, you need to provide a reason for such unexpected termination.


MastRummy.com is not liable for any loss or damages caused while accessing our services or website. You agree to indemnify and hold the company harmless against claims, awards, damages, penalties or awards brought against the company by any individual in connection with accessing MastRummy.com services.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Our agreement shall be strictly governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. All the disputes or complaints arising due to our terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in India.