Responsible Gaming is offering a responsible gaming for rummy lovers to enjoy a positive gaming experience in their free times or pastime. And all the players’ personal information that was provided to us by them while registering is safe and secure with the high-level encryption.

Although, most of the players are aware of the game’s rules and restrictions we are taking sufficient precautions to provide a fair play.

Age Verification

We only permit the players who are above eighteen (18+) in age to play in our online rummy portal.  Any falsely registered player under eighteen will be prohibited to play and the player’s account will be canceled.

Accurate Payments

MastRummy makes sure that the payments to and from the player’s account must be done in a legal and formal way in an accurate and timely manner. Each and every registered player in MastRummy can set their own limit for daily/weekly/monthly deposits or withdrawals.

Players can spend their deposited chips (money) in whatever they want to within the portal. Remember, none is forced to put all the money in their respective account as a bet in the game. The real intelligence of a player lies behind knowing the right situation to quit the game and being responsible for deposits.

Be Sure, before Playing

Ask yourself below questions before playing the online games.

  • Do I have an important task to do than playing online rummy?
  • Am I going to play until my last penny?
  • Did I borrowing money to deposit in my rummy account to play?
  • Am I not attending college or office merely to play the game?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ for any one or all of the questions, then restrict you from playing the online games and discuss this with your beloved ones or professionals (in related fields) to get out of the situation.

Tips to consider while enjoying the play

  • Keep an eye on the total time for the day that you are spending in online rummy
  • Stop the play if you are constantly losing the games and have some other fun but don’t play to chase losses
  • Set yourself a respective limit to spend in cash games
  • Never invest the money in real games that you saved for your basic necessities
  • Always mind, Rummy is a social game designed to play for recreation and entertainment.