Deals Rummy

In Deals Rummy, players will play with a fixed number of rounds. The player who secures the minimum points is declared as the Winner of the game. Here only two players will compete with each other and the one who scores the least points wins the game. The number of deals though is pre-decided.

Deals Rummy – Winnings Formula

Winnings = (Betting Chips) X (Number of Players) – MastRummy Fees

At MastRummy, there are best of 2 and best of 3 rounds where the players can play with free chips or real chips. In this variant, there is no option to Drop. If any player gets disconnected or fails to react on his turn, then the points held by him at the end of the game will be considered. However, maximum of 80 points only will be awarded. In a case, if the player has the points less than 80, then that score is considered.

On the other hand, if there is a tie between the two players, then the next round will be activated automatically where it should be played to decide upon the winner. Winner of such round is declared as the Winner of the game.

What are the rules of Deals Rummy at MastRummy?

The game is played between 2 players with 2 packs of 53 cards each (including one printed joker per each pack).

A set of 13 randomly shuffled cards will be distributed to each player at the table.

The first card in the pack is included in the open deck that indicates that the game has started.

All the remaining cards are placed face-down and referred as the closed deck.

In the beginning of each game, a joker card or wild card will be chosen.

Printed Joker: If printed joker is opted as “Joker” in the game, then players need to prefer an Ace card of all suits as Joker while forming sets/sequences.

Objective: The final aim of all players is to arrange all their respective 13 cards into sequences and/or sets.

Every player begins the game by picking/discarding a card from the closed/open deck to arrange them into sets and/or sequences. You may consider one or more jokers to finish your sets and/or sequences.

To show cards, the corresponding player must display cards available in hand by grouping them in sets/sequences and clicking on ‘Declare’ button.

Mandatory: To conclude the game, players must contain at least two sequences, one of which is a pure sequence.

After completion of each deal, the winner will be awarded the chips based on the scores of their opponents.

How will players score in Deals Rummy?

Deciding upon the Winner: The player who secures less number of points will be declared as the winner of the game

How Points calculation will be held for the lost players:

Every card represents a number of points according to the face value. The player who loses the game will gain the points which are equal to his/her hand score which is calculated as given below:

J, Q, K, A of every suit valued 10 points each. And rest of the numbered cards is valued same points as their face value e.g. 10 reflects 10 points and 8 reflect 8 points.

Joker card values Zero.

After completion of every game, the losing player hand score is calculated by counting points for the cards which are not arranged in sets/sequences with the below-mentioned exceptions.

If a player lost the game and fail to show a pure sequence, then all his cards are included in the count excluding Joker card.

If any player lost the game and fails to show second sequence, but only one pure sequence, then the only pure sequence is considered.

How many points do players get?

A player can obtain a total of 80 points. It means irrespective of the player having higher value cards, the points are limited to 80. If a player score is below 80 points, then they will be awarded in the same way as counted.

Who is declared as the Winner in Deals Rummy?

A player who scores least points against the opponents will be declared as the final winner.