Leagues Rummy

Leagues Rummy is the most exciting variant offered by us (MastRummy) to the passionate rummy players. Leagues, Rummy is little different from other variants of Rummy and very less number of portals offers the variant.

Only two players can play the variant and they have to play all the rounds in the game to complete it. There is no chance for both the players to drop the game in middle. And an odd number of rounds (3, 5 or 7) will be conducted in leagues rummy. Apart from this, all the other rummy rules are applicable to the leagues rummy too.

The winner is declared on the basis of a maximum number of shows from the two players. The game perfectly fits the players who can play for a long duration as it requires all the rounds to complete.

How to play?

All the players who are desired to play will pay a certain amount as an entry fee and that forms the prize pool. The scoring will be added just like as in pools rummy, the winner gets 0 points. And a player will be eliminated he/she reaches the optimum limit of points on the table.

Winning Amounts = (Entry Fee x Number of Players) – MastRummy Fee

How is leagues rummy dealt in MastRummy?

The variant is played with only two players using two or more decks and includes two printed jokers.

Thirteen cards will be provided randomly to both the players. And the first card from the pack is incorporated in the open deck to mention that the game has started. On the other hand, rest of the cards is set to face down in the closed deck.

A randomly chosen card is selected as a joker at the start of the game. One or two number of jokers will be considered to make sets and sequences.

Printed Joker: Players can consider an Ace card of all suits as a Joker in their sequences or sets if a printed joker is chosen as Joker itself for the game.

Auto Drop: In this format, ‘auto drop’ is not applicable and the player has to continue until the end of the league.

Elimination: A player is declared as the loser in the leagues Rummy if he or she lost three-quarters or more than half of the game.

Example: In a game of 5 rounds, if a player lost three rounds then he will be entitled as a loser.

Declaration: A players who wants to declare the show as to show the cards of his hand by arranging them into sets and/or sequences.

Mandatory: On the other side, to declare the game, the player must ensure that his or her hand consists at least two sequences with one pure sequence in the both.


How are the scores assigned in Pool Rummy?

The player who quickly completes the game objective is declared as the winner and awarded with zero points. On the other hand, the loser scores the points based on the value of their cards in their hand.

Every card holds a certain number of points. For instance, face cards (Jack, King, Queen, and Ace) count 10 and the remaining cards bear the points as their face value like 8 gets eight points and 2 gets two points. Jokers are awarded zero points.

In the other case, if a player fails to reach the objective then he or she receives 80 points.

Deal Show:

The player who lost the round will get the points as equal to half of the points his or her hand score. For example, a forty points secured player who lost the round will be awarded 20 points.


What are the optimum points a player receives?

A player will be declared as a loser if he or she loses a maximum number of rounds in the league.

Example: In a game of three rounds, if a player lost two rounds then he will be entitled as a loser.


How will the drop option works?

Leagues Rummy doesn’t provide any drop functionality, so one has to play till the end.